In Detrack, we have a feature that allows your customers to leave ratings and feedback on Detrack’s tracking widget so that you would be able to see them on the dashboard.

As such, we have included a feedback notification to allow you to receive notification once your customers have left their feedback.

  1. If you like to receive an email or SMS notification when there is a customer feedback or rating submitted, go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. Go to the Notification settings tab and click on Add Notification.

  3. Under the Add Notification form, select feedback in the Events field.

  4. Enter the email addresses that you want to notify. You can also customize the email body of the notification by changing text in the Email body.

Related variable tags:

  • {{feedback_remarks}}

  • {{goods_service_rating}}

  • {{driver_rating}}


  1. How To Let Customer Rate And Leave Feedback On Your Product And Service

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