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How To Set Timer To Show Jobs On Drivers’ Detrack App At A Certain Time
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You can segregate AM and PM jobs (or any other pre-defined time slots you may have), with the Job Release Time feature. The Job Release Time feature works like this: if you set the Job Release Time for all your PM slots to be shown at 11 am, then only at 11 am will your driver be able to see the jobs to be delivered for your PM slots. Using the Job Release Time feature, you can automate the release of jobs to your drivers in batches according to your defined timings.

  1. You can set the Job Release Time by first, enabling the field on your dashboard, Settings > Job.

  2. Click on the Fields tab. Check the field Job Release Time and click Save.

  3. Next, you can input the Job Release Time manually for each job if you are manually entering the jobs or you can also create an extra column in your excel to import the Job Release Time information.

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