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How To Enable Address Using Your Own Latitude and Longitude
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For users who want to include their own Latitude and Longitude coordinates for their drivers to navigate to the correct delivery / collection destination, they can follow these steps to replace the address with latitude and longitude coordinates.


  1. On the dashboard, click on Settings > Job > Fields.

  2. Check the fields Address Latitude and Address Longitude.

  3. You may add a job delivery/collection via dashboard web form under Jobs tab > Calendar > click on a date.

  4. Choose Deliveries or Collections > Add Delivery or Add Collection.

  5. Enter the Address Latitude and Address Longitude fields.

  6. You may also choose to import using a CSV / Excel file with matching headers. For this instance, include headers displaying both Address lat and Address lng to upload your CSV / Excel jobs files into the system.

    • Click on Jobs tab > Calendar > Click on a date > Choose Deliveries or Collections > Import Deliveries or Import Collections

  7. Go to your driver’s smartphone app and tab on an individual job. You will come to the screen shown below.

    • On the individual job screen, you will see a purple map icon shown on the screen below.

    • Tap on the button.

  8. For the example shown, you will see the option View Location On Map and Navigate Using Apple or Google Maps.

  • (Depending what type of smartphone platform you’re using, you can use different maps based on what you have downloaded on your smartphone)

  • You can navigate or view the location accurately with your own Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

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