How To Add Vehicles To A Group
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By tagging a vehicle to a group, you can allow sub-users placed in the Groups you created to view the live location of the tagged vehicles.

By default, sub-users who only have access to a certain group/s but not your main account, will not be able to view the live location of your vehicles.

You can add selected vehicles or all your vehicles to the individual groups to allow your sub-users / clients with Detrack logins to view the live location of your vehicle or fleet.


  1. Click on the Vehicles tab.

  2. Click on the vehicle you wish to add. A Vehicle Form will appear.

  3. Click on the Groups field and a list of groups will appear.

  4. Select the Group from the list and click Save.


  1. Go to Vehicles tab > click on the vehicle name

  2. Go to Groups field and click on the “x” of the group name and the name will be deleted.

  3. Click Save

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