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How To Edit Or Delete A Completed Job
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Should you need to manually change the status of a delivery/collection or edit other information for a completed delivery, you can do so with the feature of enabling manual input for proof of delivery.

You can only edit or delete a completed delivery if you are the Admin (main account holder). This feature is not opened to any sub-users to protect the integrity of pod data and prevent accidental irreversible deletions.


  • Navigate to Settings > POD.

  • Switch on Enable deletion of complete jobs for dashboard.

  • Click Save.


Under the POD, switch on the Enable manual POD box to enable manual input of Proof of Delivery (POD) details.

Note: The above function is only available to Account Owner.

By default, Manager and CSO roles will not be able to perform this because changing the status of a completed delivery may compromise the original delivery information collected and may also trigger email notifications sent to customers.

If necessary, navigate to the Users tab to edit the permission of the sub-user.

Once the Enable manual POD box has been enabled, you can proceed to the respective delivery/collection you wish to input the manual POD for, you will now be able to see the option to do so.

  1. Go to Jobs > Calendar. Click on a date.

  2. Select the delivery to be edited. Make the changes and click Save.


  1. Go to Settings > Job.

  2. Click on POD and switch on the box Enable deletion of completed jobs. Click Save.

  3. Go to job list. Check the box on the left of the delivery to be deleted.

  4. Click on Actions button and select Delete.

  5. Click Yes to delete the completed delivery.

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