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How To Allow Drivers To Scan To Pick Up Jobs
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Drivers can scan the barcode of the package or the QR code on the shipping label to pick up unassigned jobs. If the job has been assigned to a driver beforehand, another driver can scan the barcode or QR code to have the job be reassigned to them instead.

This reduces the steps the user has to take to when reassigning jobs to different drivers.

If you would like your drivers to scan packages and have the jobs assigned to them, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Job.

  2. Under the Options tab, enable ‘Enable driver to scan to pick up jobs’ under the Options header.

  3. Print out the shipping label (with barcode or QR code).

  4. The driver scans the barcode or QR code by tapping the menu (top-right hand corner) > Select Task Scan > Pick Up Package.

Job will get assigned to driver and dashboard will be updated.

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