How To Add A Delivery
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In your admin dashboard, click on the Jobs tab and select Calendar. Next click on the date of the delivery on the calendar, followed by Deliveries tab. Click the Add Delivery button to reveal an Add Delivery form.

Date is the date the delivery is scheduled to be made. Changing the date here will move the delivery to the new date.

D.O. No. is the delivery order number or any ID that uniquely identifies the delivery. This is usually set to the delivery order number reflected on your paper D.O. so that your driver can easily cross-reference when submitting POD.

Deliver to is the recipient’s name or who to deliver to. This can be an individual name or a company name or both e.g. Dason Goh (Detrack Systems Pte. Ltd.) and it is used by your driver to cross-reference when submitting POD.

Address is the street address of the delivery location. This address will be used for sorting of deliveries and for launching GPS navigation (from driver’s current location to this address). Note: always include country name, preferably at the end, for accurate results.

Delivery time is an indication of when the delivery should be delivered. This is used for displaying purposes i.e. displayed on job list view as well as single delivery detail view for your driver’s reference.

Tracking No. is a number or any ID that uniquely tracks the delivery. This number can be the invoice number, purchase number or any phone that is used to track the delivery.

Phone No. is the contact number of the recipient. This allows the driver to call the recipient directly from the app.

Notify email is the email address where the customer-facing delivery notification will be sent to upon completion of the delivery. Set this only if you wish to send a delivery notification to your customer. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Webhook URL is the URL that you want deliveries status data to be posted. Once the URL has been filled in, live data will be posted to the URL.

Instructions is any special instructions for the driver to follow with regards to this delivery. This could be the customer’s request to call upon arriving at delivery location or to look for a particular person in charge.

Assign to is to select which vehicle the delivery is to be assigned. You can choose to assign the delivery to a vehicle now or later on when the schedule is ready. Once the delivery is assigned, it will be reflected in the Detrack app on the assigned phone.

Zone is the zone e.g. North, South, East, West, etc. of the delivery location. This can be used to filter the deliveries for easier viewing.

SKU, Item Description, Quantity fields are optional and only required if you are providing item details for the delivery. SKU is the stock keeping unit or item number/code. Item Description field is the description of the item and Quantity is how many of the items to be delivered. Click the Add button to add more items.

Once deliveries have been imported into the dashboard, they will appear on the Detrack app of the respective drivers’ phones assigned. The Detrack app must be started and newly imported deliveries may take up to two minutes to appear.

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