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How To Customize Import / Export Headers For Deliveries
How To Customize Import / Export Headers For Deliveries
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In your admin dashboard, click on the Settings menu to reveal a drop-down menu. Next, click on the Delivery option and a Delivery form with six tabs (Fields, Reasons, Recipients, Notes, POD and Webhook URL) will be shown.

Under the Fields tab, you can customize the headers under the Customized Header field (second column). If the Customized Header field is left empty, the Default field (first column) will be used. This can be very useful if you are exporting your manifest from your existing system or your manifest file already comes with its own set of headers.

For example, if your existing manifest file uses the header D.O. # instead of D.O. No. (our default). So all you need to do to make your manifest file compatible with

Detrack is just to enter D.O. # in the Customized Header field for D.O. No. and our system will search for D.O. # in your manifest file to populate the D.O. No. field during import.

Likewise the header D.O. No. will be replaced by D.O. # during export and it is more likely that your system will be able to import back the CSV file with the same header.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, switch on Use customized headers in forms and tables, and Save.

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