How To Force Resubmit Jobs For Drivers
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For drivers who are unable to submit Proof Of Delivery (POD) due to network issues, e.g. no mobile data network during their delivery, they can re-submit their jobs later when the mobile network connection is available again.

All jobs affected will be displayed as cached jobs. Thus when the network is available again, the drivers can tap on the top right drop down menu and select “Force Resubmit Jobs” to manually resubmit the data stored in the app.

The captured signatures, location of place of submission and photo proofs will be stored in the app until it is suceesfully submitted to our servers.

  1. Server Unreachable pop-up message.

  2. There will be the display of the Cached Job List at the top of the job list.

  3. Click on Menu (top-right hand corner).

  4. Tap on Force Resubmit Jobs.

  5. In the pop-up, tap Yes

  6. If the data transmission is successful, the Cached Job List words will disappear.

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