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How To Place Priority Jobs On Top Of Driver’s List
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The sticky job feature enables the admin to select the kind of Job types to stay on top of the Drivers’ list. This feature is useful for those who want to alert and ensure drivers will see and remember the urgent jobs or jobs that require them to finish first. To use the sticky job feature, you will first need to enable the Job types field by:

  1. Got to Settings > Delivery/Collection.

  2. Under the Fields tab and check on the Job type.

  3. Click Save.

Next, you can save your own list of priority jobs you will like to become sticky jobs on your drivers’ Detrack App by:

  1. Go to Setting > Job > Sorting.

  2. Under Sticky Jobs Type, enter the name of your priority job such as Express, Urgent, Priority (a new line for each Job Type). You can enter more than one name in the box.

  3. Click Save.

When you are creating a delivery / collection job, enter into the Job type field the name of your own sticky job type/s that you have previously entered. This will tag the delivery /collection as priority jobs.

  1. Go to Jobs > Calender > Date

  2. Click on Deliveries/Collection > Add Delivery or Collections > Add Collections

  3. Enter the delivery details and enter the Job type e.g. Express, Urgent, Priority (required to match the names of the list you have previously saved as a sticky job)

  4. Click Save.

Once your job has been tagged as a sticky job, this job will be moved up to the top of the Drivers’ Detrack app list. The driver will always see the priority jobs on top of their list until they have completed the jobs.

Besides entering the Job Type in the delivery or collection forms, admin may also upload the Job Type names by creating an additional column in the import delivery / collection file called Job Type and upload into Detrack.

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