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How To Allow Drivers To Scan To Pick Up Jobs
How To Allow Drivers To Scan To Pick Up Jobs
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Instead of manually assigning the jobs to the driver, there is a feature for drivers to scan the barcode / QR code on the shipping label to have the unassigned jobs being assigned to them.


  1. Go to Settings > Job.

  2. Click the Options tab > Scroll down to the Options section > Enable Enable driver to scan to pick up jobs.

    If the job had been assigned to a driver, another driver can scan the barcode or QR code to have the job reassigned to them.
    To prevent the job from being reassigned to another driver, enable the Prevent driver from scanning assigned jobs to pick up jobs.

  3. Print out the shipping label (with barcode or QR code).

  4. The driver scans the barcode or QR code by tapping the Menu (top-right hand corner) > Select Task Scan > Pick Up Package.

Subsequently, the related job will be assigned to the driver, with the information being updated in the dashboard.

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