How To Send Text / SMS When A Job Is Added
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Users can send text / SMS messages to their customers when a new job is added / imported to job list.

The initial status can be In-transit or In-progress.

Existing jobs in the system are rescheduled to another date will not trigger this notification.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Notification > Notification Settings > Click the Add Notification button to open a pop-up.

  2. Select the type of job to trigger a info-received notification,

    • Jobs – trigger notification when importing any jobs

    • Delivery – trigger notification when delivery jobs are added or imported

    • Collection – trigger notification when collection jobs are added or imported

  3. Select info-received. for the Events.

  4. GroupOptional
    Leaving it blank will result in this notification template to be applicable to all jobs.

  5. Navigate to the Text / SMS tab.

  6. For the Send text / SMS to option, select the field containing the mobile number that you wish to notify when the event is triggered.

    There are 4 options for this field.

    Field Description Select Field None. Does not take reference from any of the job fields for sending out text / SMS. Phone No. Takes reference from the Phone No. for sending out the Text / SMS. Sender Phone No. Takes reference from the Sender Phone No. for sending out the Text / SMS. Other Phone Numbers Takes reference from the Other Phone Numbers for sending out the Text / SMS.

  7. Other Fixed NumbersOptional
    The notification will always be triggered to entries in this field.
    Typically used to notify internal staff or or 3rd party contractors.

  8. Enter your customized text message in the Text / SMS body field.
    Note: Your SMS service provider will charge you > 1 credit per SMS if the the number of characters in your SMS is > 160 characters.

  9. A tracking link can be included in your text message after the text body to track the status of their deliveries.

  10. Click Save when done.

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