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How To Resubmit A Wrongly Sent / Failed Collection Status
How To Resubmit A Wrongly Sent / Failed Collection Status
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This tutorial show users how to resend correct status if POD (or failed delivery / collection) status is updated wrongly.

The driver can always override the delivery / collection status for any delivery / collection that happens on the same day. All they have to do is to click on the same delivery / collection on the driver’s Detrack App, capture and re-submit the POD. The system will capture and reflect the latest POD status.


  1. To re-capture the photo, tap on the completed job.

  2. Next, tap on the Camera icon.

  3. Then select Remove Photo Proof 1 and select Yes.

  4. To recapture the new picture, tap on the Camera icon again to recapture POD.

Please note that when a POD status is resent, it will trigger delivery / collection status email notifications.

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