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How To Import Deliveries
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  1. Click on the Jobs tab.

  2. Click on the date on the calendar and then under the Deliveries tab.

  3. Click the Import Deliveries button to open a pop-up will appear.

  4. Select your file > Import.


    1. Import button will append the jobs from your CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file to the existing jobs.

    2. If there were to be a job with an existing D.O. No., it will be updated.

    3. Delete All and Import button lets you delete all existing deliveries for the day before importing the new deliveries from your CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file.

    4. There is no fixed order for the column headings in the CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file; the columns can be re-positioned freely i.e. Address field can be the first column or the second or last column as long as the first row reflects the Address header correctly.

    5. The first row must be a header row specifying which field the column represents.
      The mandatory fields corresponding to D.O. No. and Address must all be present. (Case sensitive).

    6. If your job/s has multiple items, simply repeat the row with the same D.O. No. with different SKU, Item Description and Quantity.

    7. If you need to import jobs for various dates, refer to How To Import Jobs Across Different Dates.

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