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Experience Detrack Advanced for the price of Pro!
Experience Detrack Advanced for the price of Pro!
Written by Peter Yu
Updated over a week ago

As of 1st July ’24, Detrack is proud to announce its new tier of service:

Detrack Advanced offers users a host of new features and functionalities, such as Route Optimization, Advanced Reports and Vehicle Safety Check. As part of our launch, we are offering our valued customers the opportunity to experience Detrack Advanced (priced at $39 per vehicle) at no additional cost for 6 months.

Here are features you’ll enjoy with Detrack Advanced in detail:


Advanced Route optimization

Reduce operational costs and improve driver productivity with optimized routes. This feature has been rolled out recently and we have created a blog explaining our route planning tool in full.


Advanced reports

Deep dive into your data to identify opportunities for improving operational efficiency. This feature brings a suite of enhancements that will supercharge how you analyze and utilize your delivery data.

i. Driver mileage: Streamline your driver payments & easily monitor mileage across multiple vehicles.

ii. Custom Date Ranges: With convenient date presets, you can quickly access popular date ranges like Today, Past 7 Days, Past 30 Days, or set your own custom range to suit your specific needs.

iii. Dynamic Charts and Filters: Dive deeper into your data with richer analytics and improved visualizations. Apply your desired filters and explore your data from different angles, unlocking new insights that drive better decision-making.

iv. Curated Data Table Views: Say goodbye to the manual work of extracting and processing data! Our new curated and granular data table views enable you to export topically relevant data in just 1 click, making your data analysis more efficient than ever before.


Vehicle Safety Check (coming soon in Q4 ’24)

Ensure driver safety & compliance by swiftly identifying & resolving vehicle defects. It is a robust, customizable tool designed to streamline the vehicle inspection process. Empower your drivers to perform vehicle inspections with ease, with real-time reporting and seamless integration into the Detrack ecosystem.

What happens after 6 months?

You can either revert to Detrack Pro (priced at $29 per vehicle) or if you like the new features, no actions are needed to continue to enjoy all the benefits in Detrack Advanced.

What are you waiting for?

Start simplifying your logistics with Detrack!


The Detrack Team

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