How To Generate The Detrack API Key For Detrack Connect
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Detrack Connect is a middleware for connecting other third party applications such as E-Commerce websites directly to your Detrack account.

To allow Detrack Connect to send information to Detrack, there will be a need to enter the Detrack API Key in the “Connection” setup.

This tutorial is on the generation of the Detrack API Key for use with Detrack Connect.

  1. If you are the Detrack owner and delivering for yourself, click here.

  2. If you are outsourcing the delivery to another courier using Detrack, click here.

Detrack Owner

To obtain the API Key from your account,

  1. Navigate to Settings > API Key

  2. If the “API Key” is absent, click the “Generate a new API Key” button to generate it.

  3. Copy out the “API Key” displayed in this screen.

  4. Paste the “API Key” into your “Detrack Connect” setup.

Outsourced To Courier Using Detrack

Kindly contact your courier to perform the following:

  1. Create a “Group” for your account.

    1. Navigate to Users > Groups.

    2. Click on “Add Group” button.

    3. Provide a name for the group.

    4. Click “Save” when done.

  2. Create a “Sub-user”.

    1. Navigate to “Users” tab.

    2. Click the “Add User” button.

    3. Either create a “Manager” or “Customer” role (with permission to “Add Job”) as shown below.

    4. Click “Save” when done.

    5. An entry will be created in the table.

    6. Click on the row corresponding to that new entry to open a pop-up.

    7. Click on the “API Key” tab.

    8. Click the “Generate” button to generate the “API key”.

    9. Copy out the “API Key”.

  3. Paste the “API Key” into your “Detrack Connect” setup.

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