This tutorial will walk you through the steps to set up filters like type of shipping methods and locations in your Shopify integration to pull only the corresponding orders into an Detrack account for fulfillment.

This section will also cover the settings for the delivery date. If you are using an outsourced courier / 3PL, please work with them to set up the delivery date details with them as the actual shipping date is usually decided by the courier / 3PL company.

Setting Up Shipping Methods Filter


  1. Go to Settings > Shipping Methods > Add Shipping Methods

  2. Enter the corresponding shipping method "Name" that you have used for your Shopify storefront.

  3. Enter the number of "Add On Days" and click "Save" when done. The "Add On Days" refers to the day the job will be scheduled for delivery in Detrack after the order has been received. For instance the Shopify order is sent to Detrack on the 1st and 2 processing days are required before the actual delivery date, in this case, you will enter the number 2 as "Add On Days".

  4. Repeat if you have a different processing time for each shipping method.

  5. Go to Connection > Jobs Filter > Check the shipping methods that you wish to enable and click "Save" when done.

Custom Location Filter

This section will guide you to set the filtering of jobs according to the location of the address.

  1. Go to Connection > Jobs Filter. Enter the information for the fields that you wish to be used as a job filter. For instance, if you want only the deliveries in the states of New Mexico and New York to be sent to a specific Detrack account, then fill in under "State" as shown below.

Setting Up Delivery Dates in Detrack Connect

By default, the "Delivery Date" of the job will be the same date as the "Ordering Date" from your Shopify account. If you want the delivery to happen on a later date or you want the non-working days to be factored in, you may set up certain rules in Detrack Connect. Note that if you are using "Shipping Methods" in Settings as a filter, it will take precedence over the filters here.

  1. Set the options, as you require and click "Save" when done.

How The Delivery Date Is Calculated In Detrack Connect

The "Add On Days" from Detrack Connect (Settings > Shipping Methods) as well as the specific "Excluded Working Days" and "Cut Off Time" will be used to calculate the actual delivery date. If the delivery date is a non-working day or "Excluded", the delivery will be set for the next available working day.



Order Date

Date when the order is being placed through the storefront.

Delivery Date

Date when the job is being created in the Detrack account.

Unavailable Date

Date/s when the courier/logistics company is not performing delivery.


No shipping method filter without special conditions

Without any conditions included, the delivery date will be set as the next working day.

No shipping method filter with excluded working days

With every Wednesday set as non-delivery date, orders made will be sent on the next working day, which is Thursday.

No shipping method with cut off time

Entering the "Cut Off Time" will cause the delivery date to be shifted to the next working day if the order comes in after the cut off timing.

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket with us or send us an email at We look forward to helping you set up the integration.

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