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Detrack Connect - Sending Shopify Orders to Create Jobs in Detrack
Detrack Connect - Sending Shopify Orders to Create Jobs in Detrack
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Kindly note that the below is only applicable when the webhook PUSH notification were to be set to Order Fulfilled in Shopify.

  1. Create an order.

  2. Ensure that your order has an item with a shipping address. Kindly click on Mark as paid to proceed to the next step.

  3. Once the order has been created, select Mark as fulfilled.

  4. Click on Fulfil items.

  5. The status of your order will be changed to Fulfilled.
    During this step, your Shopify storefront will send over the job information over to Detrack Connect.

  6. If your setup is correct, there will be a corresponding incoming log in your Detrack Connect account.

  7. Subsequently, there will be an outgoing log for the job creation in Detrack. You may also check your Detrack account for the job.

  8. Once your job is in your Detrack account, you may assign the job to your driver to perform and complete the delivery. Thereafter, Detrack will send back the necessary information back to Detrack Connect to update the order status in your Shopify account.

  9. Finally, your order will be updated to Delivered in your Shopify account. This marks the end of the Order Fulfillment process.

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